6 steps to clean the garage properly

clean the garage properly

The garage probably one of the least places at your home that received attention all these years, especially during the pandemic. However, did you know that cleanliness is one of the key points to maintaining the immune system always in top form? Therefore, the cleanliness of your house in general, including the garage, is necessary to prevent any unwanted event affecting your family. Follow our tips to clean the garage properly below.

1. Temporarily declutter everything

The common habit of every homeowner in Perth is storing every unused appliance inside the garage. So the garage becomes multifunctional not only to safekeeping the cars but also as a storage room. Imagine how many of those appliances piling up inside the garage after all these years. That’s why decluttering all of them and put it temporarily on the garage runway will make it easier for you to clean it properly.

2. Select items to get rid of

Once all of the items have been taken out of the garage, it will be easier to select which one should be gone due to no longer usable. Make a note on each item that you are planning to let go and prepare a skip bin for the easier option to organize them properly. Hiring a skip bin hire Perth from the local company like Ezyskips Online will save a lot of time and cost. Additionally, this type of company will go an extra mile to follow the reduce, reuse and recycle principle by sorting out all of the rubbish collected inside their bins based on recyclable and non-recyclable then deliver it to the local recycling centre or landfills. 

3. Start cleaning the garage

Start by sweeping all of the rubbish, debris and dust thoroughly from each corner to the main area of the garage, then throw them to the rubbish bin. Motor oil is one of the hardest stains to remove in a garage, you need a special solution like cat litter, dish soap and a wire scrub brush. Wipe the walls using a dry cloth from all of the dust that has been piling up the entire time. If necessary, shower the garage floor with water to swept all of the dust in one go but don’t forget to dry it later.

4. Check the ceiling condition

Look up at the ceiling and notice if there’s any sign of a damaged ceiling or mould infestation. If so, you might want to do an extra effort climbing up there to fix and clean it. Mould infestation probably the easiest issue to be handled on the ceiling, you just need to wipe them with white vinegar then cleanse with water. While a damaged ceiling might need the help of ceiling repairs expert to do the job.

5. Give some love to the garage door

One of the hard-working parts of the garage requires your attention as well. While cleaning the garage door, you can do simple maintenance as well like lubricating the moving parts or inspect any sign of damage on the door panels. Take a note of any damage sign, then ask the help of professional in garage door repairs to fix it.

6. Put them back in an organized manner

It’s hard to walk in a messy garage let alone find a specific tool that could be anywhere. That’s why a proper and organized manner when putting all of the items and tools that still usable is necessary. Start with hanging all of the garage tools nicely on one side of the wall so it would be easy to remember then, load the boxes in and stack them nicely on one side of the corner so you will save more space in the garage. 


It looks like a hassle work doing the garage clean up by yourself but at the end of the day, you will appreciate the result even more because knowing that the accomplishment is toward having a healthy place to live that can boost the entire family body immune system. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article