5 recycling tips that you can do at home in Fremantle

Recycling tips that you can do at home – This would be shocking news for you to hear, estimated nearly 45,000 kg of waste will be created by each person in the world over their lifetime. That means you also take part in the rise of accumulated waste each year which can give a negative impact on the environment such as overfilled landfills, energy conservation, contamination and the diminishing of resources.

However, after knowing this, you can take part in the positive movement to create a better environment for the future generation in Fremantle are and that is Recycling. Recycling tips is not a rocket-science activity which can be done easily at home by everyone while doing your day-to-day activity. By following the recycling tips you are helping yo maintain a green home and reduce your negative effect on the earth.

recycling tips

Here are our 5 recycling tips that you can do at home

1. One step at a time

Congratulations, you made a wise decision by opt-in to a better way of life. Don’t rush because recycling is a way of life so you don’t need to jump into a big project directly on your first day. Do a thorough analysis of your daily consumption and how the usual waste management process that you’d been conducting, then you can start to list down from the small to the big project which you can also do a timeframe for each of the projects.

2. Reduce and Reuse

Probably you have heard these two words often when Recycling is on the topic mainly because they are still related to each other. By reducing, you set a limit of the amount of waste that accumulated on a daily basis and reducing the waste that will be sent to the landfills or recycling centre. By reusing, you are taking a bit awareness on each type of the consumable items on a daily basis, such as old cardboard that can be reused for storing old books. These two are another simple step in Recycling way of life.

3. Common items at home that can be recycled

There are many items that can be recycled which can be found easily everywhere inside or outside of your house. Therefore, here’s the list of common items that can be recycled at home:

  • Paper and Cardboard – Obviously these two items are among the first that can be recycled. However, before it goes to the recycling process, it would be best to reuse them first.
  • Plastic – The best type of item that can be recycled which often found in the kitchen area. It would be a great idea if you can set up a recycle bin beforehand in the kitchen area so that every time there’s an old plastic kitchen utensil, you can just throw it there and can be collected later.
  • Aluminium – Cans are mostly made of aluminium which can be easily recycled, therefore, you can add this type of item on your recycling list. However, you need to make sure that the cans are in a clean condition before putting in a recycle bin. Rinse out any leftover liquid such as sodas and juices, in order to avoid an onslaught of bugs to the area
  • Glass – Another type of item that can be found in the kitchen area which accepted in most of the recycling centre. However, if the glass shattered, there are some recycling centre won’t allow it because the mixing of different colours can contaminate individual batches.

As you can see from the list above that most of the items commonly found in the kitchen area which can be noted down as one of the places in your house that needs a thorough check.

4. Can old appliances and e-waste be recycled?

Besides the above items, there are other types of item that can be recycled which including the old appliances and e-waste but with certain requirements.

House old appliances such as old chairs, table, and cabinet mostly made out of wood, therefore, you can reach out to the local home appliances store which usually provides a recycling program that will give your store credit for it.

While for electronic waste such as defunct computer systems, cellular phones, televisions, printers, and more, commonly using materials that can be recovered, reused, and recycled. Therefore, you can put it in a separate recycle bin which specifically for e-waste.

5. Hire a Skip Bin 

Generally speaking, hiring a skip bin has been known for a great solution to manage all of your household waste including helping the Recycling tips because by providing the skip bins Fremantle at your house, the waste can be organized easily by their type and material. Type in your Google search for a “skip bin hire near me” provider, there will be many listed in your local area.


These days the recycling movement is on the rise especially in Fremantle, Western Australia, where everyone has been aware of the danger of the global warming which one of them caused by the overfilling waste from around the world. So, why not join in to build a better environment for future generations?

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