Reduce Greenhouse Gases with Scrap Metal Recycling

metal recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling – The overuse of fuels and deforestation, which is mainly made to create more space for human and our needs, has given a drastic impact and gradually destroying our planet. Human activities for at least a decade have produced a high amount of greenhouse gases. As the earth warms rapidly, resulting in severe seasons and storms.

Along with the global population rising, waste production will instantly increase time by time. The forecast reported the population gain 1.5 billion by 2030, from 6.7 billion to 8.2 billion. The condition will encourage us to have a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, such as scrap metal recycling. It will help us to reduce greenhouse gas production emissions and save more energy.

Why Scrap Metal Recycling?

The metal resources on our earth have decreased significantly over the years. The earth’s resources of silver will last for another 29 years, tin 40 years, zinc 46 years and copper will be exhausted in 60 years. The existing metal products around us are various, like aluminium in soda cans can be easily recycled. Producing recycled metal requires only 5% of the total energy used to manufacture metal from ore from mines. The metal that has been refined and processed will create a cleaner and more energy-efficient smelting and manufacturing process. Nowadays, the manufacturers using 40% of recycled metals in producing copper, steel and aluminium products.

Recycling to Save the Planet

Greenhouse gases are a group of compounds with the ability to trap the heat in the atmosphere. The present of greenhouse gases helps to warm the earth. However, the presence of greenhouse gases in a long and sustained period will accelerate warming. It is unlikely to slow or be reversed. By recycling unwanted metal products you can find around the house, you can help to reduce the use of raw metal material.

Even though an individual action won’t give a significant change, a combined effort of a larger mass surely will. We need the population of cities, states or even nations work collectively and focus on recycling scrap metal. It will reduce the overall manufacturing of raw metal material and gradually affect climate change positively.

Scrap to Recycle Around You

There is a lot of unwanted scrap metal stuff around you, whether you believe it or not. You can find scrap metal at your home, from unused white goods, old bikes until at the construction sites, the gold mines of unwanted metal. Scrap metal theft is illegal, so make sure to call the construction site before visiting the site at night or on weekend. Hospitals and apartment complexes are also ideal places to look for scrap metals that you can recycle at the local scrap metal company.

Dumpsters are an obvious option to look for various scrap metal. You can find old shopping carts or even big pieces of metal in the furniture. But it is a very tough option as well, since it’s a city-wide trash receptacle, so you need to deal with the smell and other types of waste.

Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me

You can freely choose where or how to start. The most important thing is taking part in global change. A culture of recycling will bring positive outcomes to the communities and our environment. Whether it is just recycling a small amount of scrap metal or become a scrap metal recycling expert, you can bring a positive change to the earth.

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