How to Get the Most Money from Scrap Metal Recycling

Not all metals are created equal. If you want to maximise the amount of money you can get by scrap metal recycling, then you need to keep in mind that there are differences in the value of your scrap.  If you are working with scrap regularly or are perhaps just doing some renovations at home keep an eye out for these materials to get the most cash for scrap metal.

scrap metal recycling

These are the most valuable metals

Prices for particular kinds of metal fluctuate consistently so it is difficult to give a general price. However, how valuable any given metal is with respect to other kinds of metals stays relatively consistent. Aside from the very expensive metals (think gold, silver, and platinum) the most valuable metal is copper followed by (in descending order) brass, titanium, aluminium, lead and lastly steel. This isn’t set in stone and placements can vary depending on the level of corrosion or contamination. However, you should always keep a hold of any copper, as that metal is consistently on top. Get in touch with us today if you want an accurate quote for your metals.

Where are they often found?

Copper – Copper will surely give you a great price in cash for scrap metal. Copper wires and pipes are common sources and should definitely be taken to a scrap yard instead of discarded. The latter can be found in old boilers and gutters while the former can frequently be found in cameras, dishwashers, blenders, computers and so much more.

Brass – The name of this metal immediately brings one’s mind to instruments. If you have any scrap trumpets you can certainly get brass that way, but it is often used in other items particularly decorative taps, doorknobs, and lamp fittings. Plumbing components also frequently use this metal as well as gears or mechanical bearings.

Titanium – Fairly rare. This light (but strong) metal might be found in electronics. It is also used frequently in sporting equipment like golf clubs and bicycles.

Aluminium – fairly common. Aluminium can be found in many building materials as well as gutters, sidings and awnings. It is often found in electronics so your old devices can probably be resold for scrap metal recycling. Metal furniture, satellite dishes and television antennas are other good sources.

Lead- lead used to be much more common but the health risks associated with the metal caused its frequency of use to decline. Many large batteries still contain lead, in particular car batteries. Lead weights and old pipes may be other possible sources.

Steel – The reason why steel isn’t as valuable as others is because it is found in so many items including ladders, pipes, beams, and coat hangers. Stainless steel in particular is the most valuable so checking out your kitchen could be quite a good source. Keep an eye out for old cutlery, catering equipment and even handrails or countertops in more contemporary buildings.

Just bring it all down and let us give you cash for scrap metal 

Keeping an eye out for the metals above can help you get a good price but there really is no need to be picky. Many people don’t want to wade through their junk to find the best and just want cash for car in Perth As top cash for scrap metal pick up in Perth, Dream Lucky will happily sort it all for you. We test all your scrap metal recycling onsite and are transparent with all the details so you can be sure that you are getting the best price. We offer many services including demolition clean up and scrap metal/car removal in Perth. Give us a call for accurate quotes or details of our services.