When Should You Put Your Bins Out? A Simple Guide by Location

when do my bins get collected

Ever woken up on bin day wondering if you missed the truck? Bin collection times can be confusing, with different rules for different areas. If you’re wondering, “When do my bins get collected?”

In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll clear up the confusion and help you nail down the right time to put your bins out.

1. Brisbane: Early Bird Gets the Bin!

In Brisbane, you’ve got to be an early bird to catch the bin truck. Bins need to be out by 5:30 am on collection day.

That means getting them out the night before might save you from a missed pickup.

2. Sydney: Flexible Pickup Window

Sydney offers a wide pickup window, with bins collected anytime between 6 am and 6 pm on collection day. It’s a pretty big window, but it’s still best to play it safe and have your bins out in the morning.

3. Hume City Council (Victoria): Rise and Shine!

If you’re in Hume City Council, Victoria, set your alarm early. Bins need to be out before 5:30 am on collection day.

That early start ensures you’re ready when the trucks roll by.

4. City of Armadale (Western Australia): Bright and Early Start

In Armadale, Western Australia, waste collection kicks off at 6 am. Make sure your bins are out by then to avoid being left behind.

Putting them out the night before can be a smart move.

5. Finding Bin Collection Times in Western Australia

In Western Australia, each council has its schedule. To find out when your bins are collected, check your council’s website.

Most have handy online tools where you can enter your address and get your collection schedule.

6. City-Specific Bin Collection Schedules in Western Australia

Here’s a quick rundown of some Western Australian councils:

  • City of Mandurah
    Green bins weekly, yellow bins fortnightly, and pickups on all public holidays except Christmas Day.
  • City of Armadale
    Green bins weekly, yellow bins fortnightly, and no pickups on New Year’s Day, Good Friday, and Christmas Day.
  • City of Stirling
    They’ve got a three-bin system and a handy online tool to find your collection day. No pickups on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Good Friday.

Getting your bins out on time is key to keeping your neighbourhood clean and tidy. By knowing your local collection times and following your council’s guidelines, you can avoid the frustration of missed pickups.

Don’t forget to use online tools provided by your council to stay on top of any changes, especially around public holidays. So, set those alarms and get those bins out – it’s time to make bin day a breeze!

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