3 Simple Tips For Garden Waste Removal

tips for garden waste removal

There are many reasons for garden waste removal. You might be doing a huge cleanout of your home and yard and require residential rubbish removal to take care of the waste.

But what about green waste removal? Whether you are simply mowing the yards and weeding the gardens or embarking on a full landscaping project, garden waste removal can be a challenge. Skip bins are generally good for residential rubbish removal. But they don’t provide enough room for all your green waste removal needs. 

In this blog, we will explore the best strategies to get rid of your garden waste efficiently. And in a way that is good for the environment and your local community.

1. Create a Garden Project Checklist

It may all seem simple in your head, but a simple garden makeover can get big on your really quick. Even a basic tidy-up job is likely to take several hours. And after that, there is going to be waste to get rid of. When you start looking at bigger jobs, there can be more challenging waste to get rid of. Like large tree branches, logs, garden debris and other heavy materials.

Having a strategy is the best way to approach your garden project, large or small. Itemise every job that needs completing. Categorise the waste and how you plan to get rid of it. This will help prevent large volumes of green waste from piling up. It can be hazardous and attract pests like termites and vermin.

2. Separate and Sort Your Waste

To ensure that green waste is properly disposed of, it needs to be clear of other materials. Create piles for all green waste. This includes anything organic like leaves, grass clippings, weeds, sticks, twigs, branches and even fruit and vegetables. 

Other waste that comes from your garden clean-up will need to be disposed of separately. For example bricks, soil, plastics, furniture or any general waste. It is also important to remember not to bag your green waste. It will be mulched for compost and fertiliser so any plastic will contaminate the load.

3. Use a Garden Waste Removal Service

The chances are high that there will be garden waste than you bargained for – even for a small yard and garden tidy-up job. It could mean several trips to the waste transfer station which is going to cost time, money and physical labour.

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