Your Guide to When Garden Waste Bins Are Collected in Australia

how often do bins get collected

Garden waste bins are a vital part of keeping our neighbourhoods clean and green in Australia. But knowing when they get collected can sometimes be confusing.

Let’s break it down city by city so you can easily understand when to put out your green-lidded bin.


If you live in Brisbane, your green waste bin gets collected every two weeks. But here’s the trick: it alternates with your yellow recycling bin.

So one week it’s green, the next it’s yellow. To find out the exact day, just check Brisbane City Council’s bin collection calendar.

Sunshine Coast

On the Sunshine Coast, things work a bit differently. Your garden organics bin gets picked up on the same day as your general waste bin.

But again, it alternates with your recycling bin weeks. So, keep an eye out for which week it’s your turn to put out the green bin.


In Sydney, your garden organics bin with the green lid gets collected every other week. And guess what?

It’s on the same day as your red lid (general waste) and yellow lid (recycling) bins. So, when you see your red and yellow bins going out, it’s time to roll out the green ones too.

Western Australia

Now, let’s talk about Western Australia. The collection schedule here can vary depending on where you live, but there are some general rules to follow:

  • Your general waste bin (with the red or dark green lid) is collected every week.
  • Your recycling bin (with the yellow lid) is picked up every two weeks, alternating with your garden waste bin.
  • Your garden waste bin (with the lime green lid) is also collected every two weeks, but on the opposite week to your recycling bin.

Now, let’s dive into some city-specific details:

  1. City of Perth
    Both your general waste and recycling bins get collected weekly here.
  2. Town of Victoria Park
    Your general waste bin is collected weekly, while your recycling and garden waste bins are collected fortnightly, alternating with each other.
  3. City of Stirling
    Similar to Victoria Park, your general waste goes out weekly, while your recycling and garden bins are on a fortnightly rotation.
  4. City of Mandurah
    Here, your general waste bins (with the green lid) get collected weekly.
  5. City of Armadale
    General waste bins are collected weekly while recycling bins go out every two weeks.

Remember, these schedules might change during public holidays. So, it’s always a good idea to double-check with your local council for any adjustments during those times.

In conclusion, knowing when your garden waste bins are collected is essential for keeping your neighbourhood clean and tidy. By following these schedules and putting out your bins on the right day, you’re doing your part for a greener Australia.

And if you ever have any doubts, just reach out to your local council for clarification.

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