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Eco Resources
ECO Resources is a pioneering waste management and recycling company based in Perth, Western Australia.
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ECO Resources is a prominent leader in waste management, resource recovery, and recycling services, proudly established as a 100% West Australian-owned and operated company. With a profound dedication to sustainability and a focus on responsible waste management, ECO Resources has positioned itself as a cornerstone in promoting eco-conscious practices within Perth and throughout Western Australia.

With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, ECO offers fully integrated waste solutions for diverse sectors, from construction to mining, oil, and gas. Operating as a local waste disposal company, ECO has diverted over 500,000 cubic meters of waste from landfills annually, making a significant impact on waste reduction efforts.

Since its inception in 2011, ECO Resources has continuously grown, evolving into a key player in the waste management sector. This success story is woven through a tapestry of unwavering commitment to both environmental preservation and exceptional service. From metropolitan to regional areas of Western Australia, ECO Resources serves as a beacon of environmentally-driven solutions.

With a comprehensive approach, ECO Resources caters to various industries, including municipal, construction, commercial, industrial, mining, oil, and gas sectors. The company's extensive service range includes integrated waste solutions, waste advisory services, sand supplies from its own quarry, and multiple transfer stations. A testament to their success lies in their capacity to divert more than 500,000 cubic meters of waste from landfills annually, substantially contributing to the reduction of waste accumulation.

ECO Resources has cemented its status as a go-to resource for waste management needs in the region. The company has strategically expanded its offerings through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, creating a formidable waste advisory division, a sand quarry, transfer stations, and even an inert landfill. This diversification empowers ECO Resources to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique requirements and challenges of Western Australia.

One of ECO Resources' crowning achievements is its acclaimed Hope Valley/Kwinana hub, a premier multi-user construction and demolition waste recovery and recycling facility. Renowned for achieving some of the state's highest landfill diversion rates, this facility showcases the company's dedication to producing quality recycled by-products that find utility across various industries and enterprises.

Beyond this, ECO Resources houses another gem in Premium Allsands, a cornerstone provider of premium, sustainable sand supplies and quarry services. Operating from their Waroona location, south of Perth, Premium Allsands presents an array of quarry products accompanied by professional bulk transport services, catering to diverse needs with a fleet ranging from six-wheeler trucks to road trains.

Moreover, ECO Resources extends its expertise to the South West, delivering premium waste management services under the banner of Premium Waste Management. Their comprehensive environmental, recycling, and disposal services, headquartered in Waroona, underscore their commitment to creating a cleaner future. From construction and demolition recycling to organic waste management, asbestos services, and inert landfill operations, Premium Waste Management emerges as a natural choice for environmental services in the South West region.

Safety, quality, and environmental management stand as paramount pillars within ECO Resources' operations. The company diligently upholds robust systems that align with legislative and AS/NZS ISO standards, fostering a secure and responsible operational environment. ECO Resources' journey toward triple accreditation for Quality ISO 9001:2008, Occupational Health and Safety AS 4801:2001, and Environmental Management AS 14001 reflects their unwavering dedication to these values.

ECO Resources, with its remarkable journey, robust services, and unwavering commitment, truly stands as a testament to the transformative power of responsible waste management. Join in the mission to drive sustainability forward with ECO Resources, as they continue to shape a brighter, cleaner future for Western Australia and beyond.

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