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If you’re looking for customised waste management services in Melbourne, then Budget Waste Services is the right choice for you.

Serving all kinds and sizes of businesses, our rubbish removal techniques will improve sustainability and ensure that the waste is removed safely from your property. We have all sizes of bins (from small wheel bins to large bulk bins and compactors) and provide the right one for your disposal needs. As we give you a tailored plan, you get to pay for what you exactly need.

We are also an efficient recycling company providing our recycling options to organics, soft plastic, timber, e-waste, and other specialised streams.

Our waste removal and recycling services include:

General waste
Paper and cardboard recycling
Commingled recycling
Organics recycling
Specialised recycling
Hazardous materials disposal
Liquids disposal
E-waste recycling

Almost all kinds of businesses need the best waste collection techniques. And we easily provide you with affordable rates.

Why Choose Us?

Experience of 20 years
Comprehensive rubbish collection techniques
Serving businesses of the small, medium, and large scale
A fleet of rear-lift, front-lift, and hook-lift vehicles
Customised commercial waste removal techniques

Our team is experienced and can remove waste from any industry ranging from education, retail, and corporate to hospitality, aged care, health care and warehouse and logistics. Contact us today to get your customised waste removal plan at the lowest rates possible.

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